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Picture of Rope halter with fiador
A rope halter is an invaluable training aid. Customize for any size horse, baby to full grown. With this easy step by step guide never buy a rope halter again and always have one on hand for emergencies.

The one with orange is a foal halter I made for our new little girl.

Step 1: Select rope

Picture of Select rope
I prefer softer rope as it is easier to work. You will want to start with 25 feet. There will be extra once tied (don't worry, I will show you how to use the left over too).

You will also need a few feet of 550 cord for whipping, a lighter and a sharp cutting device (scissors or knife).

A marlin spike is also useful but a phillips head works nicely as well. Oh, almost forgot, a tape measure and ruler will come in handy too.
ultrapale1 month ago
Thanks heaps for this tutorial!! I tried many different halter instructions and couldn't figure out the fiador knot but after a lot of thought on your photos I finally got it! So thanks again this has helped me save so much money on my halters.
JodieW25 made it!3 months ago
I made 2
Theadene3 months ago
What kind of rope does one use for the halter an what thickness?
lastrom1 (author)  Theadene3 months ago
3/8 inch or slightly larger. soft is easier to work with.
What are the measurements for a smaller horse halter?
lastrom1 (author)  Tashacaleb20118 months ago
I don't have any other numbers. The numbers i have are for mine. It's really trial and error. You can use an existing halter as a template to make things easier.
JessicaN88 made it!9 months ago
I have a poddy calf to look after so I’ve made a rope halter for it. Took me no time because the instructions were so good.
It would be good to add how to tie it on if there is a special way.
Thank you.
ShelbyL211 year ago
The fiador photos arent very helpful. I would suggest adding a link for a video. Since it was done on just a piece of rope it doesnt show which direction from the nose band i should be tying and the only part most of us need is for the fiador.
lastrom1 (author)  ShelbyL211 year ago
The fiador is tied in the center of the 25' rope. the knot makes the nose band and lead line loops. An overhand knot will work in lieu of the fiador.
Jessica_Pam2 years ago

this was nice and easy to follow APART from the fiador knot. i had to watch a youtube clip just for that part. i am more of a visual watching type person. the clip made it alot easier to follow and understand, i even got it on the first go. i made my halter quite large by the looks. i made mine out of a nice cotton rope, so hopefully will be nice and soft for the horses. i will be making a smaller one and trying them out tomorrow. thank you. her is the link to the clip i had to watch to understand the fiadore knot, i hope it helps others aswell. enjoy and thank you once again

DanitaH22 years ago
I love step by step instructions with pictures, I didn't even struggle with the fiador. I made one with bale string, not pretty obviously, but this time if my colt breaks it or loses it, I won't be losing R100. Great post. Already pinned it and I am sure I will be making more halters in future.
sharpe51092 years ago

I have a rope halter with a fiador knot where the leadrope goes, but somehow my horse complete messed up the knot. Everything is still attached and in a weird knot, but I don't have the two loops where the lead rope clips. Any tips?

lastrom1 (author)  sharpe51092 years ago
see the difference?
lastrom1 (author)  sharpe51092 years ago
make sure to go the correct direction on the last step of the fiador. if you pass the ends the wrong way the knot wont hold. if you look close, the one i tied for the first picture is correct. the one later in the instructable is backwards and (knot) pretty.
AdaraR3 years ago

I made this in to a 4H project I think it will turn out great. Thanks for the insperation.

lastrom1 (author)  AdaraR2 years ago
glad you liked it
hughesmk3 made it!2 years ago

A friend showed me how to make rope halters with a Fiador knot. That is the part that took me the longest. You instructions are a lot like the instructions she gave me, just a little different on the nose knots. I made my first one last week and it doesn't look bad for the first try. She also told me that the smaller and stiffer the rope the harsher it is; the larger and softer is is for well broke horses. 1/4' to 3/8" is about normal. If you use larger rope you will need to change measurements because the knots use up more length. Happy tying. She didn't teach me about the whipping. I'd like to know more about it.

lastrom1 (author)  hughesmk32 years ago
Cool color.
PeterN733 years ago

This is great...the photos you found on Wikipedia were, hands-down, the easiest to follow that I've found. Thanks!

amwill3 years ago

What an ugly thing, I could and have make a halter to fit any horse in just a few minutes with a piece of string and only use 2 knots and it works every time....

PeterN73 amwill3 years ago

Uh long as you tie it around your own neck and pull it up snug. Works for me too. POS

Really? Let's see it!

Damn! There is a be nice comment policy, you know? Why don't you submit your own 'ible? Sure is better if you teach us how to do a halter with only 2 knots instead of only criticise behind a keyboard someone else effort.

lastrom1 (author) 3 years ago
Here is a variation with two extra nose loop knots and rings for tying, lunging or in a pinch, reins. Your horse would need to be use to a hackamore before I would consider riding with it.
RatW3 years ago

Ive always wanted to know how to make one of these. Thankyou for sharing. Well done!

lastrom1 (author)  RatW3 years ago
Onelionessa3 years ago
MichaelS1753 years ago

When riding here in ride unless you've got rope,this is coo