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Picture of Running Shoe Dryer

This is a modification of an instructable I posted previously. The device draws air into a box heated by a 60W bulb and expels it through 3/4 inch pipes at the top of the device and this dries the shoes. Here is a link showing the concept and the device in action.

Youtube video of the project

Step 1: The Original Model and It's Problems

Picture of The Original Model and It's Problems

Here is the link to the original model

In the original model I used an old American Tourister makeup bag as the box. This was the first problem. Even after years it smelled like someone's attic. I also aged the pipes to create what I hoped was a cool rusty Diesel-Punk look. That was the second problem. My shoes had rust stains. The pipes were smaller diameter and the fan was smaller and that led to a more limited airflow. It did however have really cool light effects and when I deconstructed it, I incorporated those marbles into another instructable with multicolored blinking LEDs shining into marbles.

Multicolored Blinking LED Project

Great idea! I like how the hot air is introduced to the toe area because of the way you have the shoes hang. The warmed air will then rise and dry the rest of the shoe. I like the suggestion to add a timer. I would use a mains voltage computer fan and use larger diameter pvc pipe to allow for better air flow. Doing this would probably allow the use of a 25 watt bulb. The pvc pipe would be easy to clean and would not be prone to rusting.

Grunambulax (author)  OrienteeringGuy11 months ago

Yes. All good ideas. In practice, the pipes warm up to about 30 Celsius and I think that also helps to dry the shoes. I've been running in the rain here the past week and this version has really been helpful. I kind of wish now that I had integrated a timer into the build itself as I think that's a good safety measure.

urbandrag11 months ago

If you can move the "arms" up you could dry gloves. Good job.

MrHornScience11 months ago

I would think a simple timer would add a safety component. I am thinking about upsizing it so I can dry ski or snowboard boots. Great idea.

Grunambulax (author)  MrHornScience11 months ago

I do in fact plug it into a timed outlet and think that's a reasonable precaution.

sypoth.12 months ago

Step 7: Grab a can of febreeze to remove dat rotten foot funk smell this will spread throughout your house.

Step 8: Realize that if they are Nike it's just better to burn them and get Reebok or Sketchers instead, will smell better too.

Grunambulax (author)  sypoth.11 months ago

It's hard to argue with this logic.

phydeaux9803812 months ago

An interesting idea. I could see doing this in some form for my son's lacrosse gear (in the garage, of course). Anything to help dry when the season starts in January is going to help.

Grunambulax (author)  phydeaux9803812 months ago

if you have a strong enough fan you can have additional pipes for gloves

crniZG12 months ago

I'll try this one for my rollerblades

Grunambulax (author)  crniZG12 months ago

Sweet. Never thought of that

Matlek12 months ago

Excellent project! It looks quite efficient, I think I'll make one.

Grunambulax (author)  Matlek12 months ago

I look forward to seeing your version!