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Picture of S-Mart Smock - Ash Williams' S-Mart Smock From Army of Darkness

I’m a couple of days away from it being ready for a full cosplay (I still have to make my medieval mechanical hand and S-Mart ID and pocket protector), but I thought I would submit my S-Mart smock in the Sew Warm contest. I did have to sew and another layer of cloth would make you warm, so here it is.

I had never seen an Evil Dead cosplay where Ash was in his S-Mart smock. I guess if I don’t get the medieval hand done I can be Ash before he goes to the cabin in the woods.

I downloaded every picture I could find of the outfit to get the main details. There is a weird cuff that I figured out a simple way to replicate, but the thing I didn’t notice was that the original was a zip-up smock.


Oh well. I think it captured the spirit of the outfit.

Step 1: Base Piece

Picture of Base Piece

I used a blue Red Cap labcoat as the base of the costume. I lucked out and got one online for under $10.00.