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Picture of Storm Trooper Head Cover

Being a true Canadian I couldn't let Red Green down and not enter the Duct Tape Contest.

I was trying to come up with something unique to make with duct tape, then it came to me while my wife and I were eating dinner at one of our local golf courses! I saw someone's golf bag that had the gopher from Caddie Shack as a club head cover. Since there was no way I could make a gopher ( I couldn't find furry brown duct tape anywhere ) But they had black and white. What is black and white...? The dark side and the good side of the force!! Star Wars... my kids loved Star Wars! Wait a minute... storm troopers are black and white! Wow, sometimes I scare myself with how my thought process works.

I recently saw on Instructables a fellow who made a replica divers helmet entirely out of a 1/4 '' thick black foam floor mat ( neat idea ) so I decided to use it as a base for the storm trooper helmet. The rest is duct tape, masking tape, crazy glue, hot glue, a used head cover from a thrift store and a small piece of 5'' pvc pipe to act as a mold.

Step 1: Forming the Dome

Picture of Forming the Dome

I calculated that I would need around five inches in diameter for my driver to fit, so I found a piece of 5'' PVC pipe to use as a mold, with an old plastic bowl taped to the top.

Starting with a piece of foam 16'' long ( circumference of the outside of a 5'' piece of pvc pipe ) X 11'' high I put painters tape on to what would be the outside and drew a line 3 3/4'' down ( one quarter of the circumference ) and divided it into 1'' increments.

I made up a plastic template to use as a guide to cut the foam. After cutting out the foam with an Olfa knife I wrapped it around the pvc pipe and taped it together so I could glue the pieces together to form the dome. I used crazy glue, but hot glue would have worked just as well, and it probably would have saved me from gluing my finger tips to the foam!

audreyspency2 months ago
JillianB215 months ago
Thats very creative. Keep up the good work
technovative5 months ago
A duct tape build this sophisticated would surely just frustrate old Red. It's likely to be attention getting out on the links. Keep your stick... um... putter on the green.
Such a cool project!! I bet it's going to be a fun conversation starter once you take it to the course. :)