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I am working on something and I wanted to make a leather handle for it. I did a little bit of leather work last year, but there was till so much to learn. I am not an expert at leather, quick the beginner, actually, but that means you can learn along side me. I'll share some of the tips I've picked up about saddle stitching, a common leather working stitch, as well as edge burnishing leather, punching the holes and more!

In this project, I learn a lot about stitching leather, while stitching a bit of leather for an upcoming project. Watch the video to pick up some of what I learned and see how I made this leather handle or just follow along below:


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Henmarsh7 months ago
Thanks for the comprehensive Instructable. Like you I need just enough leather-working skills to make some simple straps and your guide is perfect for this!
Bruceaulrich (author)  Henmarsh7 months ago
Awesome! Glad it could help. Once you get them done, tag me on Instagram @Brudaddy I'd love to see!
Jobar0077 months ago
When working with leather this thick, using a drill press with a very fine drill is the way to go. Much easier to get consistent holes that don't deform the leather. Just make sure you use a marking gauge to get them evenly spaced.
A tip for the saddle stitch: make your holes slightly bigger than you normally would. Instead of back stitching, you run two threads and tie a square knot inside of the hole. This is super strong and prevents unraveling if a stitch is ever cut or broken.
Bruceaulrich (author)  Jobar0077 months ago
Interesting. I've not heard of this before, but makes sense. Thanks for letting me know!
insanediyer7 months ago
Thank you so much for such a well-done tutorial!!! Kudos to you!
Bruceaulrich (author)  insanediyer7 months ago
Thanks for the kind words!