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Picture of Safari Glamping Tent

Backyard, garden fun can not be complete without fireplace and something to dwell in, invite friends to sleepover, read your book and for fathers - to hide away after lunch. A glamping tent. This summer we have decided to add this one to our garden. The project can be made in 2 weekends if you have all the supplies. Lets go.

Step 1: The Place the Size

Picture of The Place the Size

After carefull selection of the place in the garden (the tent can be centerpiece of your garden as well as it can hide some of the less appealing places), the first is to make your plans. Our is on the picture. It is of quite generous size 3x3m (10x10 feet), it would be enough to have 2,5x2m as well. But we wanted something to get later equiped with vinil player and the other old school gadgets, so we went for 3x3m. The other dimensions are shown on the picture.

Malazuzu17 days ago
Dobrý den, chtěla bych postavit stejný stan. Mohl byste mi zaslat víc fotografií ze stavby? Dále na mě zajímalo, kde jste sehnal plachtu na stan. Děkuji moc za odpověď.
sheripres1 month ago
Beautiful! I am curious; are those apartments that it butts up against or is that your house? I only ask because I would think you are covering a window behind it.

I love it though! Great job!
koubis (author)  sheripres1 month ago
These are sport hall windows leading to some technical rooms. So it is OK.
Thank you for replying. I felt like I was being nosy asking that question! ha ha How nice to have that "wall" as your own fence.
maslo1 month ago
Ha! Po více než dekádě odběru newsletteru Instructables konečně potkávám českého autora! :-)

[ENG] Ha! After more than a decade of Instructables newsletter subscription, I finally meet a Czech author! :-)
koubis (author)  maslo1 month ago
Nazdar máslo! Good to hear and see that makers of different nationalities unite on such inspirational website :-) Keep up the good work!
How gorgeous! What a perfect outdoor space :)
A nice idea for a summer guest room
koubis (author)  jessyratfink1 month ago
Thank you! It is nice to feel like 100years ago somewhere in the wild but comfy :-)
koubis (author)  jessyratfink1 month ago
Thank you! Next is outdoor shower for those in need :-)
LeslieGeee1 month ago
A wonderful build and I bet could be used for a regular camping trip minus the platform, but I bet one could be made portable with a little thought and the use of large diameter bamboo poles. I also would think a regular tarp could be used as the flooring and can be hooked onto the sides, front and back of the tent fabric to make a tub shape to keep water out. I await your instructable on the tent fabric pattern itself. I also wish you had more pictures of the set up of the cross beam and how you attached the tent to the cross beam the frame and side horizontal poles. Thank you for sharing.
koubis (author)  LeslieGeee1 month ago
Hi LeslieGeee, I have uploaded some pictures for you. Hope this helps. The tent is hanging on small hooks on the top pole and sides are wound up with linen rope. see the pictures.
Koubis, Thank you for the additional pictures. I thought the tent was all one piece but it is two. The main tent which includes an attached roof with grommets on the top and sides to attach to the top and side poles, and a separate "roof" that covers the whole thing. In Step 5 the first picture it looks like you attached the peak of the roof with a rope but I can see adding hooks and screw eyes to the roof pole. Might make it easier to hang. I will await your instructable on the tent construction :)
koubis (author)  LeslieGeee1 month ago
Yes! True! I will put that detail to the description. Thank you.
Piscivore1 month ago
How long after you built this did Wes Anderson show up?
koubis (author)  Piscivore1 month ago
Yesterday he came asking for big pot of tea and box of biscuits. He said he’s going to write something new :-)
Pavlo66661 month ago
What a great idea! People usually use the tent to go away from home but this is even better!
koubis (author)  Pavlo66661 month ago
Yeah, sort of crazy, I know. You want to get away from house and end up having comfy tent :-)
PitStoP1 month ago
Great looking tent. That would fit in good in my yard. How do you treat the fabric to keep the water out? Do you have a diy for that treatment?
koubis (author)  PitStoP1 month ago
Hi, thanks! There is actually quite a lot of ready-made chemicals that you can use for cotton/canvas tents as impregnations. I have also seen a mixture from acetic acid, sodium/potassium sulphate, sodium carbonate, soap. You put your fabrick in the solution and let it dry. But that was like 30 years ago...
bohobabe131 month ago
This is so cool! I wish I had a back yard!!! I wish I could live in that all the time!