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Picture of Saul the Sloth - 'Hanging Humor'
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Saul the Sloth - 'Hanging Humor'

Sometimes you see a situation that just begs for something funny to be made. Being a research facility my office had electrical cable trays located throughout the ceiling. They looked like monkey bars set into the ceiling. It appeared to be the perfect habitat for a Sloth since they like hanging around and make very little commotion -- perfect for an office setting.

So Saul the Sloth was born. As most sloths do he moves very slowly. In fact so slow that no one sees him move from place to place but you know he moves since during the week he makes his way to different parts of the office. Some think he may be a bit nocturnal as he seems to move more at night. It has been fun to have Saul the Sloth around the office and to see where he gets moved to. Its a nice addition to liven up the atmosphere of the office.

Saul the Sloth is made by printing a full-size image onto multiple sheets of paper that are mounted on foam core board with two wire hooks added to let him 'hang around'.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools



Foam core board

Spray Adhesive

Wire Coat Hanger

Masking/Painters' Tape

Paint Stir Stick or Ruler or Section of Yardstick (You are willing to sacrifice)

Scrap Cardboard

Pens - Broad Black and Fine-point Gray


Razor Knife

Paper Cutter (You can use scissors if you have a steady hand.)

Wire Cutters

Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks


Computer with internet connection and Printer

LindaP843 months ago
Thanks for the smile!
onetruegod3 months ago
Very amusing.
Well done.
Mimikry3 months ago
this made me laugh :)
wannabemadsci (author)  Mimikry3 months ago
Glad it made you laugh.
Seeing the ‘monkey bars’ in the ceiling I just HAD to make him!