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Picture of Segmented Log Lamp

It's been far too long since I last uploaded, but here is my Instructable for making a segmented log lamp.

I have entered this Instructable into the Make It Glow contest. If you like it and feel that it will help you on your way to your own log lamp, I'd really appreciate it if you dropped me a vote :-)

(Video on the final step)

Step 1: 'What Do I Need?' I Hear You Ask

Well folks, this is a pretty straightforward project and can easily be tackled with some simple hand tools. I had a few bigger tools to hand in this Instructable, but I have noted substitutes that will work just as well.

So, the bits and pieces:

  1. Log.... a nice one
  2. Acrylic tube - I used a 30mm dia. piece from eBay (£8.20) (30mm Acrylic Tube)
  3. 30mm drill bit - I used a flat bit (30mm Bit), however if you can, it'd be best to get something like this (Four Flute Bit) with an extension (Extension )
  4. RGB LED light strip - eBay again! (£4.59) (5V USB LED Strip Lights)
  5. Superglue
  6. Wood oil

That's pretty much it, other than some hand tools!

AshleyB2509 months ago
How big was the log you used, what were the dimensions of it?
Toms Workshop (author)  AshleyB2509 months ago
Hi There!
The log was about 12cm in diameter, with a height of 45cm (it gained about 5cm with the segmentation). The branches at the top extended out to a diameter of around 20 cm.
Hope this helps :)
maatz10 months ago
Awesome work, i love it!
Toms Workshop (author)  maatz10 months ago
Cheers bud!