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Picture of Sheet Metal Flower Lamp

I've always enjoyed making lamps, and this one in particular was for a mentor who had enLIGHTened me during an internship (and happened to be complaining about needing a new lamp).

The design was inspired from this and this: both are lamps made from modular strips, but I was away from my precious paper hoard so I wanted an alternative. I happened to have some spare Arizona aluminum cans, and the aluminum seemed perfect for what I needed. It turned out to be more difficult to work with (and harder on the hands..) but the effort paid off! The light shining through the metal strips looks especially interesting because the light peaks out in clear beams from the metal cutouts, but it also reflects off the shiny aluminum for some interesting effects...

Warning: the pictures aren't the best.. I took a lot of them indoors due to a time crunch to finish so excuse the poor white balance. :( A lot of this involves two hands so excuse the spotty and poor picture positions too: feel free to leave questions if you need help!

Side note: if you liked this tutorial, votes in the Metal and Homemade Gifts contests would be appreciated!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
  • lamp (I got an IKEA Jansjo lamp for $4 at a flea market)
  • 1.5 Arizona tea cans (or ~2 regular sized soda cans)
  • scissors (that you don't care about dulling out by cutting soda cans)
  • super glue (Loctite does a great job, but epoxies provide a stronger bond)
  • printer + paper (to print out petals template, attached below:)

Beautiful project, well crafted. Please tell me how you dealt with the edges of the petals. In my house, my grandson would grab the petals and likely cut his hands to ribbons. What did I miss in your description?

watchmeflyy (author)  mrparkinson1 year ago

Good point; you didn't miss anything, as I just didn't include child-friendly features. I don't know of a foolproof way to child-proof the lamp, but I would think that you can coat the edges with something thick like hot glue; that would be messy and time consuming though. Perhaps you could also try adding a clay to the edges; essentially, you'd just want to thicken the edge so that it won't cut. Also, soda cans are made of aluminum, so the petals are actually quite delicate so if anyone presses on the petals, they'd deform, unfortunately: the best way to protect this lamp would be to attach it to a ceiling lamp.

akassab1 year ago


watchmeflyy (author)  akassab1 year ago

Glad you like it :)