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Picture of Shou Sugi Ban American Flag

I've always thought the Shou Sugi Ban method (An environmentally friendly way to preserve wood by charring it) gives a look that can easily* fit into any deco theme. This is the first project I've ever made with this method and was greatly pleased with the outcome of this incredibly simple technique.

Everyone who's seen my new flag wants one now! It's a great way to show off your American patriotism on your front step. It also makes a stirring memorial to war veterans who have served our country.

*Just because it can be easy doesn't mean we can forget safety! Make sure to be safe when using fire on a flammable surface and use necessary skin/eye protection.

Step 1: Tools:

  • Regular Household Torch
  • 15/32 drill bit
  • 1/8 drill bit (optional although I would suggest it)
  • Drill
  • Small Nail Gun
Hunter Hurley3 months ago
I used all the dimensions properly (just checked again) and I line it up like it says in the directions and this is what it comes out like. What am I doing wrong?
Marianholdings (author)  Hunter Hurley3 months ago
Hi Hunter! I regret to inform you that I messed up on the instructions. When I said 1" wide strips I should have said 1 1/2''. I hope I didnt cause you any major loss or inconveniences. At this point, I suggest maybe shortinging all the strips a few inches and maybe narrowing the pieces in the top left corner 1/4-1/2'' each ? Just to make it all proportionate. I am really sorry and hope you can forgive me!

Is there any way you could figure out the new dimensions for the pieces to shorten them down? As well as keeping it proportional?
Marianholdings (author)  Hunter Hurley3 months ago
OK...I hope this helps, these are the dimensions given that the strips are 1'' wide.
Screenshot (156).png
hockeyGal143 months ago
So cool! great job!
Marianholdings (author)  hockeyGal143 months ago
Thank you SO much !!!
no prob!!!!
Jmoney6224 months ago
Awesome Job!! I LOVE IT!!!
Marianholdings (author)  Jmoney6224 months ago
Thank You!