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Picture of Silver Filigree Earcuff

This project is example of classic filigree technic. It's allow to create very complicated jewelry based only on wire and basic soldering process.

I've been obsessed by look and charm of "lace from silver" from day one as I saw it.

Project like this is consider, you already have to master basic jeweler solder technic by gas torch. This earcuff can be finished in 4-8 hours.

Required materials:

  • sterling silver wire 20 ga (thick wire, used for the frame)
  • sterling silver wire 24 ga (twisted thing wire for small details)
  • medium silver solder


List of tools provided for reference only and can be substituted to any suitable alternative.

Step 1: Step 1: Design and layout

Picture of Step 1: Design and layout

First of all you need to draw 1:1 size design of future earcuff. It may require take some measurements. Easiast way to do it - wrap small piece of paper around edge of ear.

lapsmith5 months ago
Very unique and beautiful! I may try to make this for my girlfriend.
What do you use to pickle it?
Any way to flatten the wire without a rolling mill?
What kind of finish did you apply?
posox2000 (author)  lapsmith4 months ago
In tools section you can found link to soldering kit. This kit include pickling solution I using for all my projects. You can replace it with citric acid without compromising results. Depends on concentration it may need more time for solution to work.
You can replace real Rolling mill with "Polymer Clay Press" like this one from (
It is not so powerful, but will do the trick. You just need to anneal wire more often when you rolling it.
Finish is up to you, but I prefer just polish it to high gloss.
I have a sheet metal roller which may be too big for delicate wire, but I'll give it a shot. BTW, what do you use to polish it, just silver polish? Thanks again!
posox2000 (author)  lapsmith4 months ago
I would try with copper wire first. soldering copper is not so pretty(oxidizing too fast), but as a test media for rolling - just right.
I using for polishing Green Rouge Polishing Compound(
Good idea about the copper. And thanks for the links and for posting this!
Do you sell these?
posox2000 (author)  thesnowtheriver5 months ago
I use to, at least sold 3 or 4 of them. Currently I am not actively making jewelry, so my shop is almost empty (
But I have one in my inventory, so you want it you can buy it here:
Thank you!!!
kristier19795 months ago
posox2000 (author)  kristier19795 months ago
thank you.
That is amazing! I just love that detail!
posox2000 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick5 months ago
thank you
seamster5 months ago
Wow, excellent results!
posox2000 (author)  seamster5 months ago
thank you, it is took a time to master soldering, but it is a really worth it!