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Picture of Silversmithing with Bezel Dies

These bezels are made with hand-carved dies that were saved from extinction. :) If you'd like to see where I got my bezels from, check out this link. And for a direct link to the actual bezel dies, use this one. The first link, it's an in-depth instructable on how to use these types of jewelry dies. :) So, if this write-up is foreign to you, make sure you study that. :D

The stone I used in this piece is called " White Buffalo " aka White Buffalo Turquoise , even though it's not turquoise. haha :) The mine is owned by my buddy, Danny Otteson. This stone specifically, has the numbers "25" in there naturally!! Check it out on the right side lol. So, hit me up if you need a 25th birthday present lol.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

SILVER....okay this is the most important part ---- I suggest FINE SILVER for these impressions because I am pretty sure that it will be MUCH nicer to press/bend/shape/close the bezel. I used 22 gauge sterling. It was kind of a beast, but I made it work. I'll show you in the photos how you can hack it with sterling.

Pick out some bezel dies!

When you choose your die, make sure you note the depth of the die, which will help you understand the height of the bezel. You can stack these bezels on top of a framework of your own creation, to build the bezel higher, and it will act like a "topper" bezel. For instance, if you have a round bezel die, and you make a circle out of square wire, then solder your fancy impression to that circle, your bezel will be "higher up". To decorate the wire, you can stamp it before shaping it, and topping it with the bezel. :)

You can always manipulate a flat-designed bezel, and bend it to be higher, but just make sure you don't warp it too much hahah. :)