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Picture of Simon Says Game - 3D Printable | Arduino Nano |  DIY Project
Screenshot 2019-07-01 at 15.02.22.png

Print, assemble and program your own Simon Says game. How much of the randomly generated colour pattern can you memorise and repeat back? Not sure, then why not make one and find out. (My current best is level 14).

With an Arduino Nano at its core this project also incorporates an OLED screen, passive buzzer and some big bright buttons. You can add even more colour to the project by printing the enclosure in several colours by manually changing the filament in your printer during the print. (I think it looks great in multi colour!).

Step 1: Video Instructions

If you prefer watching a video then here it is, otherwise continue on for the full written instructions.

offseidjr2 days ago
Looks fun!
zakbobdop15 days ago
This is just one of the many ways you can program this!