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Picture of Simple Keychain Tool

Just got a 3D printer early this year, Creality Ender 3. It works like a charm out of the box. After one month testing, a friend of mine asking if I could take a printing service job. Well, why not? I am a beginner in 3D modelling, but you can just pick a model from the World Wide Web and I print it for you, yes. All he had to pay is the filament price and coffee (for the time spent on this project).

Two hundreds of keychain in various forms which he is using as gifts. There were also many combinations of keychain type in this project that I need to attached and detached the rings and the chains.

I simply use my nails to attach/detach the rings but hundreds of them? I won't risk the pain on my fingers and nails. Using some other tools like tweezers is handy but doing that hundreds of times I think I would stab into my fingers several times >.< oh.. no...

Then I built this simple ring to kill all the risks. Yes, I am Lord of the Ring ...

Step 1: The Ring

Picture of The Ring

I designed mine with FreeCAD, complex tools built by enthusiasts for free, but here I will show you how to do it in TinkerCAD which is much simpler and also free.

  1. Create a solid cylinder a little larger than your index finger size. Here I make a 24 mm in diameter and the height is 10 mm.
  2. Create a hollow cylinder at the size of your index finger and place it in the center of the solid cylinder. This hollow cylinder is the size of the first section of your index finger. Mine is 20 mm so I get a 2 mm wall for the ring and that is strong enough.
  3. Click on the solid cylinder. By holding the shift key, click on the hollow cylinder so now you are selecting both objects.
  4. Click on the icon-group at the right top of the page to join the objects as one.

charger38rt6 months ago
I have never used fingerails, i always push key into between rings.
chienline (author)  charger38rt6 months ago
Yes for inserting. My initial problem was removing the chain from the ring (-.-")
TomF157 chienline6 months ago
I Always Just Use My
Small Pocket Knife It Locks
Just Be Careful ...
chienline (author)  TomF1576 months ago
Avoid using sharp objects because they risk your fingers. Better use pen-tip, paperclip or almost anything around, just avoid sharp ones (^_^ " )

I was working on hundreds of them, so I just made one (I think) convenient enough to get my work done :D
StringGoddess6 months ago
(Weak fingernails here)
I really like the simplicity, and I'm very impressed that this was your first 3D design.
chienline (author)  StringGoddess6 months ago
Not really my first design. I have several since the printer arrived and I started learning 3D modelling. This is my very first design : Converter Holder Phone Stand Keychain. It holds a micro USB to Type C converter. I need this because I sometimes forget to bring my phone charger and Type C is still considered rare over here, then I need this converter with me all the time ^_^
Minimal phone stand for waiting time in restaurants. Keychain means it stays with me all the time :D

I do not publish this because there are numerous converter size and shape out there and this build only holds certain shape of converter. I will file it in Instructables later though ;)

I also design retainer clip to hold my fat-midrange-speakers on A-pillars in my car. Not holding forever (not strong enough) on bumpy rides but they hold longer than those I found in the market and they got rid of Minions in the car :DD
ElectroFrank6 months ago
I think this would make a very good general purpose spudger.
Consider creating a Ring Spudger Set with various shaped tips for opening phones etc ?
chienline (author)  ElectroFrank6 months ago
Maybe one day. I have several dead phones in my drawer :D
dragon flyer6 months ago
That's a very elegant solution, although an ordinary paper clip remover works fine for occasional use...
chienline (author)  dragon flyer6 months ago
Yeah, do it elegantly :D
Actually my initial design was starship look-alike. I was thinking of simply:
hook : the O-ring/chain
stab : the ring on the blade
turn : turn the ring

I don't have much time to tweak to get a precise hook position, so I made a simple one to finish my keychain project first. This build is open for modification :D
swtracey76 months ago
I think for someone new to 3D printing you have done well. And it is a great idea.
chienline (author)  swtracey76 months ago
Thank you ^_^
charger38rt6 months ago
Some people have too much spare time, but job well done
chienline (author)  charger38rt6 months ago
Not much spare time, but just can't stop thinking :D
Thanks :)
bmohr6 months ago
I think this is an ingenious solution. Great problem-solving.
chienline (author)  bmohr6 months ago
Thank you ^_^
Mayank Tidke6 months ago
Your work was nice and easy. I really liked it but i want to know something that how did you get a do-follow link on this platform??
If you click on the author's name it will take you to his profile. There is a +Follow button. You click on that and it will feature them in your feed. HTH
Oldbear6 months ago
That tool alone, due to the lack of pain from doing keyrings the old way, is worth the price of a 3D printer.
chienline (author)  Oldbear6 months ago
Not suggesting to purchase 3D printer for this tiny tool. I use 1g of filament which costs less than 1 cent and 10 minutes printing time. If someone need this they can just find any 3d printer around the neighborhood and I bet they will print one for free or give you a grin if you pay a dollar.

This is the reason I purchased a 3d printer, print anything that solve my problems. I just love thinking and tinkering :)

About the keychain project, it worth 10 rolls of filaments and I only used no more than 1/3 for each roll. So, the rest are now free or I can make more money from them to pay my printer off ;)
Oldbear chienline6 months ago
Shh... don't ruin it for me... I'm building a case for purchasing a 3D printer. I have to convince the accountant...
osoriocj6 months ago
Hey you all. He had a problem and found a solution. Before saying anything, look at his profile and Instructables. He wrote 116. Anybody else?
You have the "thing" and gonna be an Engineer. Have my respect. Congratulations.
chienline (author)  osoriocj6 months ago
Thank you My Friend :)
116 doesn't mean anything but just saving my harddisk space by uploading them on Instructables (cloud) haha..

Just enjoy thinking and tinkering :D
That is a handy little tool!
chienline (author)  Penolopy Bulnick6 months ago
Thank you :)
If only one or two I use my fingernail too :D but if we are talking about hundreds, yes you need this ^_^
Simple but useful! As a nail-biter i appreciate this :)
chienline (author)  MechEngineerMike6 months ago
Thank you ^_^
audreyobscura6 months ago
Favoriting this project! My fingernails thank you :D
chienline (author)  audreyobscura6 months ago
So are mine :D
I started working on this tool after detaching 20++ keychains and my fingernails started screaming ... >.<