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Picture of Simple Lavender Gnome

Spring is finally here! As I sat at home watching all the lovely flowers (and weeds) taking root in my garden, I was inspired to bring some of that tranquility to my desk at work. Like most, all my attempts to keep a plant alive at work have failed. Instead I opted to make a tiny 'desk' gnome that would bring me countless days of lavender scented joy.

**The design for these gnomes was influence by the adorable world of scandinavian christmas gnomes. If you have never had the honor of being introduced to them, you are missing out!

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
  • 1qty - 6" diameter fabric circle
  • 1qty - 2"x2" felt triangle. Can be made from a 2" x2" square cut diagonally
  • 1qty - 1.5" x1.5" fur square
  • 1qty - 2"x3" sack filled with 3tbs of lavender ( or 2tbs of rice)
  • 1qty - 0.5" wooden ball
  • 2qty - small elastic bands
  • Glue Gun


  • 2qty - glue dots
jenna849594 months ago
This is cool!!! The little guy is ADORABLE!!!
Elaina M (author)  jenna849594 months ago
Thank you Jenna :)
So adorable *-*
This guy is really cute! My garden has lots of lavender in it. I'll wait until the end of Summer when the flowers start to dry out and make some of these.
Elaina M (author)  Italiankiwiblog4 months ago
What a wonderful thought!! It's my dream to have lavender bushes in our garden someday. Must smell wonderful where you are :)
It does in the Summer! In the hills behind us, there are huge lavender fields that use the flowers commercially for making fragrances, so lavender grows very easily here.
jannie.lloyd5 months ago
Fab idea. Lovely clear instructable. Must get the grandkids to make some of these.
Elaina M (author)  jannie.lloyd4 months ago
Thank you Jannie! I'm working on trying to be a better communicator - and where else is that more important than when you're trying to explain how to do something! I appreciate the ode of confidence and I am happy to hear that you felt the instructions were clear! Would love to know if you ended up making one with your grandkids :)
Thank you. I haven't made any yet but am gathering materials so we can do them when the kids come over for the summer holidays - I live in central, very rural, France, they live in UK, so I only get to see them once a year.
Cliffsclips4 months ago
That is so cool, a wee family would look the part in most people's gnome ;op Thank you for sharing.
Elaina M (author)  Cliffsclips4 months ago
Hahahaha! Thank you - I'm loving the gnome humor!
gnomedriver4 months ago
It gets this gnome's approval.
Elaina M (author)  gnomedriver4 months ago
Yay!! That's a honor :) Gnomies for life!
TeddiB5 months ago
This is adorable! If the fragrance start to fade or with the rice, you could add a few drops of oil on the backside. I agree it's a good project for kids with supervision. Perhaps end of the school year teachers gifts came to mind!
Elaina M (author)  TeddiB4 months ago
What a great idea TeddiB ! There are so many wonderful smells that aren't ideal packing material in their natural/dried states for this project. Now I can enjoy them through essential oils. Thank for sharing! Also I agree, and would suggest when building these with kids, that an adult makes the hat. I can imagine that being a tricky things for a little one's fingers to do with a hot glue gun :S
JJmadigan5 months ago
Adorable! I have one of these gnomes at home (w/o lavender, sadly), and I named him "Benedict Cucumber-patch". Yeah, I'm weird. XD
Elaina M (author)  JJmadigan4 months ago
That is hilarious and fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing your weirdness.... now I have to name my little guy too!!
I love this! SO simple to make, but it sure looks cute!
Elaina M (author)  jennifercassada4 months ago
Thank you Jennifer. I've been trying to pull back on the complexity of craft projects I'm working on. It's been fun to streamline and work on things that only take an hour or so of my day. I'm happy to be stretching those making muscles again and I am so glad you approve of this little guy :)
jessyratfink5 months ago
eeeeeee!! How cute. I need to make a couple of these buddies to go in my plants :D
Elaina M (author)  jessyratfink4 months ago
Thanks Jessy! What a lovely garden they'll get to live in :)