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Picture of Simple Master Roshi Cosplay

In true fashion to every other year I waited until the last minute to create cosplay costumes for my boyfriend and I to wear at our local Con. Every year we do Dragonball characters and this year it will be no different. I am not in fact being Roshi, but he is. I just demoed the costume for my Instuctable. Not including collecting supplies, this costume took less than an hour to create.

The things you will need to complete this are :

- an orange button up shirt

- iron on letters

- purple fabric

- white fun fur

- fusible webbing

- an iron

- scissors

Step 1: Putting the letters on the shirt

Roshi has had numerous outfits throughout the Dragonball series but his orange button up with the letters and triangles is the most iconic to me. It was extremely difficult for me to get my hands on an orange button up, surprise, surprise they aren't that popular. After visiting a thrift shop for the third time, I finally found one. You could always just dye a white one with orange fabric dye, probably what I should have done in the first place.

I had left over iron on letters from my costume that worked perfectly for Roshi's shirt. Iron on your letters arbitrarily over the front and back. At this point I would say less is more, you can always add if needed but not take away. Be sure you have the correct side of the iron on letters facing down. If you can see the letters facing you, it is the wrong way and they will melt onto the iron. Iron on letters until you are happy with the amount you have.

littlecrow1 year ago
I like this very much thanks for showing it.