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Picture of Simple Pin-on Cape

This is for a simple cape without any ties or wrap around the neck. It takes only one or two pieces of fabric (even an old sheet would work) and requires sewing and some large/jumbo safety pins. Hot glue optional. It should take less than three hours, or one hour if you have sewing practice.

Step 1: Select Fabric

Picture of Select Fabric
Choose a lightweight fabric that is at least one square yard- I did two square yards for extra billowing flow. You can do a single fabric for a very simple cape, or two of you want a liner on the inside that is a different color.
DevinS364 months ago
I love that you were cosplaying as all might.
tercero5 months ago
You know. I've never really understood the whole cape thing with the super hero genre.I wonder where the idea came from.

Good ible btw.
audreyobscura5 months ago
This came out so well! Thanks for sharing this cos tip!