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Picture of Ski Sled for Young Kids

Young children love being pulled around. Whether it is in a wagon or on a sled. This sled is for slow pulling, not free-style sledding because the kids can't steer or slow down.


1- empty, clean plastic 55 gal. barrel

1- pair cheap, used downhill skis ( I get them for $5 at thrift stores)

6- wooden blocks (mine are 2-1/2" x 4" x 6" cut from pallet runners)

12- #8 x 2" Philips head wood screws

12- #8 x 1" hex-head sheet metal screws or pole-barn screws

2- wooden blocks 4" x 4" x 3/4" (and an optional 2-1/2" x 3/4" wooden circle)

1- 3/8" x 6" eye bolt with 2 washers and 2 nuts

1- 3/8" x 10' rope or a hitch of your design to adapt to your towing machine (or human pull)


Reciprocating saw

Table or circular saw

Power drill

Drill bits, countersink tool and screw driver bits

Tape measure

Pencil and marker

Philips screw driver

Rasp or file

Wrenches or adjustable wrench

Workbench with vise is very helpful

Step 1: Preparing the Parts

Picture of Preparing the Parts
Bevel block.JPG

1) Use the screwdriver to remove the bindings from the skis. You may need some penetrating oil. If a stronger person helping doesn't work, use a hacksaw and cut them off.

2) Cut the 6" long blocks. I used pallet wood but a 4" x 4" from the lumberyard will work.

3) Using a table saw, cut a bevel along one 6" side of each block.

4) Cut the barrel in half the long way. Cut so the threaded plug is opposite the open, cut section. Use a rasp or file to smooth the cut edges.

That looks really fun. I am going to have to make one this winter.