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Step 10: Assembling the Legs

---ALL PARTS for each leg must be "facing" the same way (keep the sides flush)------------------

1. Add glue to one 1" side of "Leg Part I"

2. Attach it to "Leg Part H" EXACTLY 1" from the top edge. As pictured, you can use the body of the table to help with alignment.

3. Secure it through the unglued 1" side of "Part I" with nails

4. Spread glue on the 1" side of "Part J" that matches with the leg you are assembling.

5. Attach it to "Part H" flush with the bottom (1/2") edge. It should be exactly 1" away from "Part I" on the same side.

6. Secure it with nails through the unglued side of "Part J"