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Step 11: Repeat Assembly for Remaining Legs

Picture of Repeat Assembly for Remaining Legs
leg lamination 5.jpg
bottom leg lamination glue.jpg
bottom leg lamination 4.jpg
leg lamination final.jpg

This is only a separate step because I want to remind you to make sure the legs are assembled with the right geometry.

1. Repeat for the remaining 3 legs, MAKING SURE to have a leg that fits each side. There should be two sets of identical legs. these two sets should be mirror images of each other.

---------------NOTE: I made my legs too thick and had the tapers on the outside at first. In the video and some of these pictures you can see that. Halfway through the project I decided that was terrible and put the tapers facing each other and thinned the legs to 1", like I have here in the guide. Sorry for the discrepancies.------------------------------