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Step 12: Finish the Outside Edge of the Body

Picture of Finish the Outside Edge of the Body
outer layer 3.jpg
outer layer 1.jpg

Now we are going to add one more outer row of slats to each side of the table in order to make it flush with the legs.

1. Gather your remaining slats for each side

2. Place your legs on the body in their final locations, using the marks you made earlier.

3. Mark and cut any slats where they will intersect the legs. Be as accurate as possible. These angles are NOT all 31.6 degrees.

4. Glue and the final row in place, piece by piece, dead flush with the body.

5. IF YOU DON'T WANT VISIBLE NAIL HOLES, use clamps or tape to hold these in place until they are cured. I used nails to affix mine and had to fill the holes in later. I wouldn't recommend it.