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Step 4: Optional: Useful Jig

Picture of Optional: Useful Jig

This is a jig I made to help me align the first panel correctly and accurately.

1. It's simply an extra cutoff of STRAIGHT wood nailed to my bench, with a 1.1875" (1 3/16") cutoff of a slat that had one 90 degree side and one 31.6 degree side.

2. the 1.1875" piece is attached at a 90 degree angle to the first piece, and has the shorter side facing upwards

3. To use it, place the longer "Side A" slats next to each side of the 1.1875" piece

4. Slide the shorter "Side A" slats down over the 1.1875" piece, between the longer slats

5. Attach the three slats and continue in series.

- Note: be careful with your alignment here, It is VERY important to get everything as accurate as possible. Also be careful with whatever glue you use along with this jig, as it IS made of wood and will absorb glue and become unusable.