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Step 6: Assemble the "Side B" Panel

Picture of Assemble the
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1. Spread glue over the bottom 1" of the 1" faces of one of your 12.75" "Side B" slats.

2. Insert it into the first "full" slot (not the edge one) in your "Side A" panel. MAKE SURE the bottom end of the slat is COMPLETELY FLUSH with the bottom side of the "Side A" panel slots.

3. Affix it with nails. I used two 18ga wire nails to ensure it wouldn't rotate out of place.

4. Glue the bottom 1" of another "Side B" slat, but only the one side that will be touching the outside edge slot

5. Insert it into the edge slot as pictured

6. Affix with nails

7. Glue the 1" sides of another "Side B" slat where it will be touching the others, once slid in between them.

------------------ OK, from this point on, if a part of a slat will be touching another part, just add glue in between them. I don't think I have to tell you how to use glue on every step. ---------------------------------

8. Insert this third slat in between the first two, and affix them together with nails.

9. Continue adding slats in this fashion until you reach the end of the panel.