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Step 8: Measure and Mark Leg Locations

Picture of Measure and Mark Leg Locations
mark legs.jpg

1. I did this by eye, but here's where I put mine.

  • The legs that end on the "Side A" panel are placed exactly 6 3/8" from the unattached, flush end of the panel
  • The legs that end on the "Side E" panel are placed exactly 2 1/8" from the edge that connects with "Side D," measuring from the BOTTOM of the panel.

2. With the top edge of the leg DEAD FLUSH with the top edge of each panel, mark the leg location on the 3/4" side of each panel they cross. Do this for all 4 legs.

If you want to taper your legs:

3. On each leg part "H", mark the location on the 1" outwardly facing side, near the inward facing edge, where the bottom of Panels "G" and "C" would intersect them. This will be used in the next step. Refer to the diagram to see where the tapers are if this is confusing.

4. Mark the same location on each leg part "J"