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Picture of Small (& Narrow) Kitchen Cart

IKEA HACK ! YAY ! A narrow kitchen cart to fit along your refrigirator, made from IKEA BEKVÄM spice racks.

I had no other choice but build it since the space was only 11cm wide, and nothing manufactured matched these dimensions.

Step 1: Bill of Materials and Tools

Picture of Bill of Materials and Tools

Bill of materials (total 60€)

  • 4 x BEKVÄM spice racks (16€)
  • 4 x copper tube (1m long / 12mm wide inside - 14mm outside) (26€)
  • 4 x omni-directional castors (~10€)
  • Wood varnish (~6€)
  • Wood paste (~8€)
  • 16 x less than 15mm wood screws (a board is 15mm thick) (~3€)


  • Screwdriver or screw-gun
  • Driller (the screw-gun in drill mode do the job just fine)
  • 14mm drill bit
  • Sand paper / sander machine
  • Glue gun
Swansong1 year ago

That looks really nice! I'd love to have one of those next to the fridge :)