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Picture of Smash Burger Made in a Wok

I used to grill all my hamburgers over live fire, either propane and charcoal but I have never completely happy with how they came out. Even at the highest grilling temperature they were missing that really nice char even tho they had a nice smoky flavor to them. Then I realized that the best hamburgers are ones made in a pan or griddle and even a wok.

While making burgers is simple, make a good burger requires some attention to detail, all really easy things but how many BBQs have you been too, where the burgers are terrible, cooked until they are like shoe leather or hockey pucks.

So lets avoid eating hockey pucks, I'll show you how to make the ultimate hamburger in this Instructable, it builds off the techniques for making a "smash burger" (google it). The key to a good hamburger like you find in a diner is not to let all the good fat get away, you want to cook the burger in the fat. So when grilling a burger over live fire, you are losing all that wonderful goodness. We are going for ultimate in taste not health, so embrace the fat!

These are called smash burgers because during the cooking process you smash the meat into the pan.

Step 1: Ingredients


  • Ground beef - medium
  • White Hamburger Bun
  • American Process Cheese
  • Ketchup
  • Yellow Mustard
  • Dill Pickles

Special Equipment

  • Wok ok
  • Cast Iron Pan
NirL1 month ago
looks great! I really loved the use of a wok! I'll be sure to try that one... i think ideas like that are worth an instructable for themselves lol
I love the idea of using a wok, and it looks like it makes for a tasty burger! Thanks for sharing this! :)