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Picture of Snake Lashing

Snake Lashing is a decorative way of fastening the top of a pioneer-style table to the frame - lots of sticks or canes fastened with a single knot.

It's a very satisfying knot to use, and not very difficult to master, but you do feel like you need three hands to tie it the first few times. So, I created this simple jig - use it to learn how to tie the knot yourself, or use a bunch of them to teach a group of others to tie the knot, and then you can move on to the full-scale uses.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

I've cut my jig from plywood, but you can use any reasonably rigid material, such as acrylic or scrap timber.

You'll also need something to tie along the "teeth" of the jig. I used a 6mm dowel, but you could use a pencil, garden cane or any reasonably straight stick.

Finally, you'll need something to tie it together with - string. I prefer sisal for the aesthetic, but any "natural" string will work well, as will thin paracord. Try to avoid smooth, plastic cordage, because the knot will slip out too easily.

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