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Picture of Sonic Screwdriver Wand 2: the FDM Redux


You'll find the STL files at the end of this instructable.


'Twas the year 2014 when a friend of mine asked me to make her something similar to the Sonic Screwdriver Wand made by expert wandmaker Maranda Li aka Praeclarus Wands. The result of that inquiry was my own take on this, which I have documented in its own instructable. I even made a nice Tardis / Ollivander hybrid box for it to be kept in and again, made an instructable for that. Going further out of my way I designed a huge, A1 blueprint-like poster for the wand which you can grab for free and print for non-commercial purposes if you feel like it. Print it, slap it onto your wall, make your own T-Shirt with it, as long as you don't make any money off it and maybe, just maybe send me a picture of it I'm cool with it.

It was supposed to be a one-off project, yet time and time again I had been asked if there was a possibility to make another one. It seems access to woodworking lathes is rather limited, which in hindsight should come as no surprise. I mean if you don't have a lathe yourself, how do you even find someone who does? Plus, using one isn't that straightforward either. Nonetheless, citing some excuse or other I got away from getting roped into making another one. Until recently one determined lass managed to bribe, I mean convince me to bring this project back to life. Kind of felt like the situation of Fluffy getting booked for a show in Saudi Arabia (0:59 - 1:45 minutes). The catch this time is now that I have my very own 3D printer I'll be allowed to make the whole thing 3D printable, though mixed media or complete wood reconstruction is, of course, still possible for anyone who wants to do so. I think that access to 3D printers or 3D printing services ought to be far better than the woodworking lathe supply, so I might actually lay this to rest for good this time. Who knows? At the very least it'll be much simpler for me to make full or partial kits for all those bugging me. Just drop me a message here on instructables, on deviantart, thingiverse, flickr or youtube. I still don't want to redo the whole thing again, as it's a tremendous time sink which I'd rather invest into making something new. And I've learned to loathe sanding. It's so tedious but there is so. Much. Of. It.

In short:
Rejoice, you Whovian Potterheads, for it is time for Sonic Wand 2: The FDM Redux! And you can (somewhat) easily make it yourself this time.
I hope you've got your 3D printers set to preheat, because this'll be a hot one!


  • Redesign the Sonic Wand so it can be 3D-printed and / or made out of wood if someone wants to
  • Add a few more details, because I can
  • ???
  • Profit! Or sweet, sweet quiet. Hopefully.

Safety Advice:

This instructable makes use of 3D printers, various power tools (optional) as well as super glue and epoxy resin. Super glue and epoxy resin are quite sticky and the fumes aren't good for your health, so take appropriate precautions. Work in well-ventilated areas and avoid skin contact in the latter case. Try not to glue your fingers to each other, don't be like me. Also, 3D printer hotends are quite hot, so please don't burn your fingers either.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials

Tools (pure 3D print) / Materials:

  • 3D printer / 3D printing service
  • Slicing Software
  • Exacto knife (optional, for cleanup)
  • Sandpaper (optional, for cleanup, preferably wet & dry)
  • Plastic of your choice for the printer
  • Adhesive
    • Super glue
    • Epoxy
    • ...

Metal core, additional Tools / Materials:

  • Metal saw / Angle grinder with cutoff wheel / Bandsaw / ...
    • Basically anything to cut aforementioned metal rod
  • Power drill / screwdriver (optional)
  • Metal file (optional)
  • Rod of choice
    • 8mm diameter, approx. 200 - 225mm long (optimum should be around 220mm)
    • Stainless steel looks nice and has a good weight

Wood construction, additional Tools / Materials:

  • Woodworking lathe
  • Woodturning tools
  • Pencil (optional, but helpful)
  • Saw(s)
  • Power drill
  • Calipers
  • Exacto knife
  • File(s)
  • Sandpaper (preferably wet & dry)
  • Wood stain (optional)
  • Varnish
  • Wood
    • For wand part, 14mm diameter and at least 180mm length
    • For sonic part, 30mm diameter and at least 170.3mm length
    • Various smaller pieces
  • Various woodworking tools you may have which make this easier
I'm in love. Again.
CabbitCastle (author)  emilyvanleemput9 months ago
Thank you, I appreciate it!
AmakomC9 months ago
I will definitely try the project. Good work.
jessyratfink9 months ago
How gorgeous!!
CabbitCastle (author)  jessyratfink9 months ago
Thank you!
If my photography skills were as good as yours the pictures would have been better, but I do hope the datails and writing make up for that. I am honestly surprised you haven't written an advanced photography or maybe image editing class.
jeanneambro9 months ago
My son and I are both Harry Potter fans, he makes personal 3D printers and I love woodworking and everything about tools, so I'm hoping to collaborate on this - thanx for sharing. Not only a very interesting idea, but a very well-written and entertaining instructable! Accio!! And we could use some Felix felicis :-)
CabbitCastle (author)  jeanneambro9 months ago
I am happy to hear you like it!

It sounds like a match made in heaven then! I don't think your son will have any problems with a collaboration at all, the prints ought to be fairly simple, not take that long, nor use too much plastic. The finishing part on the other hand does require some effort. As for your woodworking, remember there is a PDF with the blueprints / sketches specifically for woodworking (or other manufacturing methods) attached to step 3 (right above step 4, actually). If you need them in a different paper format, just tell me which, I ought to be able to resize them fairly easily.

And naturally all the best for this project to you, I'd be super happy to see a picture of the completed one if you do go for it!
Kink Jarfold9 months ago
Who but a Whovian.... Great job! --Kink--
Dr Who -- Timeless.png
CabbitCastle (author)  Kink Jarfold9 months ago
Glad you like it!