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Picture of Speaker Box

I am quite finicky when it comes to sound. I am the person that would rather not listen to something at all if it is not going to have proper sound. Living in student housing at university, this is often a problem, because people are always pulling out there phones to play something and I can't help thinking: why don't you just use earphones or something, it will sound so much better!

So when I found out that my brother's old car speakers have been lying around the house for the past 4 years, I immediately felt that it needed to be used. So I built a box for them to take to my housing!

Step 1: Collecting What I Needed

Picture of Collecting What I Needed
Speaker Box (12).jpg
Speaker Box (1).jpg

The great part about this project, is that I literally did not spend a cent building it. Everything I used was either trash or leftovers from previous projects.

In these pictures you can see the DIY fitting my brother made to put the speakers in his old I got the wood from my dad. He does renovation in houses and at one of the jobs he did, he took out some quick fix shelves and the owner asked him if he could take it to the dump with the rest of the trash. Dad agreed, but thought that it still had potential and that's when I found it.

The screws, glue, wire and paint was all just in our garage from previous projects.

I thought this would make a nice 'ible from the start, but I was really excited to see the trash to treasure competition, 'cause this falls in so perfectly!

The design idea I added here was my initial plan I had in mind. It really helped that I already knew what would I was using. I usually try to first find the wood and then draw up a plan rather than other way around. When I use refurbished wood, it always frustrates me if it doesn't work out according to my plan, but since I started doing this, things are going much smoother.

I decided to make a single piece instead of two boxes because it is much more practical in the setup I have at my student housing.

PS. I use Tinkercad for my planning. It's free, simple and very easy to use!

seamster4 months ago
Nice speaker upgrade! I got a kick out of the unique camera technique too. Nice work!!
UlrichR2 (author)  seamster4 months ago