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Picture of Special Halloween Decoration -- Magic Mirror

I did a magic mirror as a special Halloween decoration. It is very interesting. You can speak anything to the mirror, any question or any small secret. After a while, the answer will show up in the mirror. It is a magic. hahah.....Children like it so much.

It is not complicated. I made it with Raspberry Pi and ReSpeaker 4 Mic Linear Array to add voice interface to a Magic Mirror. It is really a good sensor to do voice related projects. The link is as below.


Raspberry Pi wiki

I am happy to share my experience to you for some more fun in your halloween party.

Step 1: Materials Preparation

Picture of Materials Preparation


Raspberry Pi 3B

ReSpeaker 4 Mic Linear Array(sound card)

HDMI display

two way mirror


SD card

Ready to Go!!!

Kink Jarfold10 months ago
I'd love to see this in action. I certainly don't have the skills to built it. KJ
RosleyG (author)  Kink Jarfold10 months ago
A good suggestion. I will post it soon. Hahhhh
Very cool. You should post a quick video clip of this in operation.