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Picture of Spirit Bottle Bike Wheel Chandelier

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I had seen plenty of spirit bottles turned into lamps before and during an afternoon at a friends house chatting about lights on his outdoor bar, a little nugget got stuck in my head for an idea about a chandelier involving spirit bottles and a bike wheel........

I think I spent about two days all in putting this one together, but a lot longer acquiring the right bottles!

Step 1: Cutting the Bottle Shades

To remove the bottle bottoms I started off using the scored line and thermal shock method. I made a small jig to score the bottles and then tortured them with my kettle and cold tap. I did five bottles and each one went pear shaped. As you can see in the second photo on this page a a small section always tapered off towards some unseen flaw. Perhaps because the spirit bottles are thicker than beer/wine bottles?

So I decided to try a diamond disc in my dremel, wearing my riot gear (mask and goggles), I slowly cut out a line one each side rotating the bottle so that I didn't go all the way through one side before I had made my way into the others. It worked quite well, I found that a strip of masking tape helped guide my cuts and also reduced the chipping.

After I had cut way the bottoms I clamped down some emery cloth and using water began to sand down the bottoms using an even circular motion. I used 60, 100 and 200 grits, I could have gone further but I liked the frosted edge the 200 grit left.

The sanding was the best definitely the best smelling part of this project, the rhubarb gin bottle smelt really nice!

eamonwalshdiy12 months ago

Cool chandelier.

Very cool!

Thank you!