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Picture of Faux Stained Glass Mickey Ears
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I've always loved the aesthetic of the stained glass windows in Beauty and the Beast, so when a friend asked me to make some custom ears for them, I thought it was a great opportunity. While looking for inspiration, I saw these 3-D printed ears on Pinterest and thought they were just fantastic. I have a laser cutter but no 3-D printer, so I set out to create my own version using clear acrylic. I could't find them for sale anywhere or even who made them, so I'm attaching a few links to some others making similar ears.

Note: I made several versions of these ears and didn't take pictures of all steps with the same set of ears, so the images will switch between the various designs.

Materials and Tools:

vector software (Illustrator, Inckscape, etc.)

access to laser cutter

clear acrylic

Mod Podge

food coloring


fabric (optional)

hot glue

black alcohol ink


hot glue

wire cutters


Step 1: Design

Picture of Design
IMG_5782 copy.png

Find an image you like and trace it or create something from scratch. I like to draw my designs in Adobe Draw on my iPad and transfer them into Illustrator. Using the Trace Image function you can take any black and white image and turn it into a vector drawing.

Load some clear acrylic into your laser. Make sure to use acrylic with masking paper or apply some masking tape before cutting.

You'll need one of each ear engraved and one of each without the engravings. You'll also need two holes near the bottom edge. I forgot to add the holes and had to drill them after the fact. See step 4.

Engrave the black lines and cut around the edge using a laser cutter.

headbonger3 months ago
Elaina M3 months ago
So sweet! I especially love the little fork detail on the Ariel themed one - nice touch!
audreyobscura3 months ago
These are so dang cute, I love them!
Wonderful job making these! They're so cute :)