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Picture of Star Button Knot Key Chain/Bracelet

I have used this as my signature gift since 1987

3 Strand Plait (Braid)

Mathew Walker Knot

6 Strand Plait

5 or 6 Strand Star Button Knot

Step 1: Some examples of the Star Button Knot, Mathew Walker Knot, 3&6 Strand Plait

Here are some examples of well used ones. The bottom one was the first one I made in 1987 and it has been in my pocket every day since then, it is starting to show some ware and tear. I used ~2.5mm ganging twine as I was working on a fish farm at the time and there was lots available. It is a stiffer weave than most cords and holds knots well. You will notice that the star is a 5 point star where the colour one is a 6 point star. The other one is the first colour one I made in 1989 and the first with 6 points. Also ~2.5mm cord but much softer and pliable but does not hold knots quite as well. Para cord is not my first choice for this project as the sheath is too loose and sloppy so it won't hold its shape and will flatten and distort when tightening the star. I really like putting one on my knives, it makes it almost impossible to accidentally fall out of your hand and you don't need to hold it with a death grip.

The third picture is a bracelet I am making using waxed sail thread. I think I will get new glasses before I finish this one.

ndjalva3 years ago

You seam to have missed some instructions,

BARKing (author)  ndjalva3 years ago

When you open the pictures and scroll over the box the text will be there. This way you have a large image to follow with the appropriate text.