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Picture of Star Wars... May the 4th Be With You.


This is a very simple project, using a couple of off-cuts of 12mm ply I had laying around. And I bought some "Micro LEDs" from the local hardware store. I simply cut the letters out and glue them drill holes and put the lights in.

The project can be semi-time consuming, from waiting for glue and paint to dry to feeding the lights into the holes etc. But overall very easy to make and would be a good beginners project to start making.

You can watch the video here

Wacky Wood Works

Step 1: Cutting the Plywood

Picture of Cutting the Plywood

Depending on the size you want to make your display cut your plywood with the tools you have available, handsaw, circular saw jigsaw or table saw. I used my table saw. If using a table saw please be careful.

The size I made mine was slightly larger than an A4 piece of paper, as the template for the logo fits nicely on an A4. Don't worry about sanding yet as we have to cut the letters out.

I will put the template I used on my website for you to download and use.