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Picture of Star Wars Rebel Pilot's Helmet Build
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After reading how the original 1977 Star Wars Rebel Pilot helmets were made for "A New Hope," I decided to give it a shot. The prop shop had acquired a number of US Military Flight helmets as surplus from the Vietnam war having just ended in 1975. While there are many variants of helmets, the one they chose was an AP-6 that had a built in microphone connector near the cheek. This exact model drives the cost upwards to over $100 or more if you are willing to rework those beauties. I found a standard flight helmet - complete with working retractable sun visor and clear visor on eBay for $50.

I decided to make it my own design and not follow the squadron schemes as found in the Star Wars Saga. As in military circles, all pilots paint their unique to them so why not here? I also decided to create a Jedi Squadron logo on the cheek sides. I only retained the symbols for major battle awards (yellow V circles) and symbols on the comb / Mohawk crest.

Here is how I did it...

Step 1: Find and Prep A Real Flight Helmet

Materials Needed:

Pilot's Flight Helmet, EVA Foam, 3M Contact Cement, Sheet PVC, PVC Glue, Enamel Primer & Paint, Vinyl Star Wars Rebel stickers, Truck door Rubber edging (kind with metal inside to retain form when bent).

Tools: Tin snips to cut PVC, Manilla tagboard / folders for templating parts, painter's tape, clamps, sand paper

Getting Started...

Strip all the parts and screws, etc. off the helmet. Set them aside so they don't get lost. Get down to just the shell. Sand off all paint, primer, imperfections, glue residue to get down to the fiber glass. It's unhealthy to breathe this dust so wear a dust mask.

We will use fiberglass bonding putty to contour the seams, and fill them for smooth transitions. So to ensure it will stick, sand past the primer to the raw fiberglass.

If only I could have a closet of motorcycle helmets like some women have shoes...

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