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Picture of Star-lords Blasters

This is a guide on how I made my star-lord blasters, this was a bit of an uphill battle so I wasn't sure what I was doing half the time. Because of this there's isn't a whole lot of pictures but I'll try my best to explain what I did.

Step 1: Sketch Out Blasters Body

Picture of Sketch Out Blasters Body
The fist thing I did was print off an image the size I wanted the blasters to be. I then traced a rough shape of the blaster using cut out peices of the printout out. I call it rough because this body does not include the tip of the barrel, the wings and has a hole. Sorry for the poor explanation but it will become clear later on, i then cut out the shape of the body from pink foam insulation.
That looks really good. Great way to make a prop replica.