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Picture of Steampunk Lamp Planter

So, after building my Rustic Cork Planter I decided I needed something a little more modern-ish, preferably with LEDs... I got it! Let's combine a reading lamp and a planter into one single contraption! That way, I can have both a plant and a lamp on my desk without overcrouding it! Awesome!

Note: The instructions in this project are intentionally not in a step-by step format. This is to encourage you to be creative in true steampunk fashion, as no two objects should be exactly alike. My build should only be a guideline, not a perfect mold.

So, hold onto your gears and grommets, hit that vote button, and let's go full steam ahead!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Before we get building, take a stop at your local supply depot to ensure you have all the necessary components to embark on this epic quest.


Copper/Brass pipe (I used 12mm)

Copper/Brass fittings for your pipe

a toggle switch rated for AC voltage

a light socket

LED Edison-style bulb that fits your socket

AC rated wire with a plug

Electrical tape

a green lampshade thing (I used a cheap plastic soapdish)

assorted screws

metal plates (Mine are from old CD/ROM drives)

Metal vents (mine are 60mm and 25mm squared, I found them while looking at pipe)

Wood (I have a pine 2x4 and a small bit of 1/8th inch plywood)

Assorted metal junk, i.e. tin cans

A few steampunk eccentricities of your choice


Power Drill


Hot Glue Gun

Super Glue



Pliers of all sorts




Mikhandmaker.8 months ago
Nice design!