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Picture of Storage Bins From Recycled Containers

I just can't bring myself to throw things away! My father in law, would empty most of the contents of my workshop into the skip in seconds if I let him!

Well I did some work at home and had a few 5 litre containers to dispose of. I also had some precious junk in cardboard boxes so I decided to make the containers into storage bins. I am sure I am not inventing the wheel and that there are plenty of instructables for this but here is mine anyway,

Step 1: Safety First

Picture of Safety First

As always, put safety first:

1. Do not dispose of toxic and dangerous liquids into rivers and drains, atmosphere, countryside etc. Dispose of them as per your local laws for the handling of toxic and dangerous waste.

2. Clean the containers well. Do not use containers that contained harmful, inflammable or toxic substances. Instead it is better and safer to dispose of them correctly.

3. Always wear / use protections when using power tools and other potentially dangerous tools / devices.

I will not be held responsible for injury or damage caused while following this instructable. If you are unsure how to do any of the steps described in this instructable, seek assistance or don't do it.

Wraithbourn6 months ago
Good Idea, I work at a water treatment plant and we end up with about 10 of these style containers per month from a Chemical we use. I've been thinking about what I could use some for and this is a nice simple idea for my garage. Thanks!
misterxp (author)  Wraithbourn6 months ago
Thanks but I am sure I am not the first to think of it. However, proper containers are quite expensive and boxes don’t last long. These were a nice blue too and I could not just bin them! Wow 10 a month! That is a lot. You could make plenty of things. What about a garden sofa or armchair?
RobertW3276 months ago
Nice . when I make these I cut along the seam that run through the handle , cutting tub in half . this way I end up with two tubs both with handles . jig saw with fine tooth blade is the tool to use, start cut in bung hole . to tidy up edges use some coarse sandpaper or file to remove burr .
misterxp (author)  RobertW3276 months ago
Hi Robert! Thanks for the advice. I did not think of cutting that way to have handles on both. However, in y case I needed one deeper one. Will bear in mind for next time! Thanks :-)