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Storage Boxes Made Out of Cardboard and 3D Printed Parts (Update 2019-08-05)


Step 4: Cardboard Preparation

Picture of Cardboard Preparation

Cardboard Preparation

My drawers have a dimension of 585 x 340 x 125mm. As mentioned in the intro, this is a lot of wasted and unorganized space. At the beginning, I would like to divide one of the drawers into 6 equal parts. Therefore, I have to create 6 cardboard boxes.

After some measuring and calculating I decided to use the size of 325 x 195 x 62,5mm (outside). These fit perfectly in the drawers, but without jamming.

To create the boxes I used 3mm cardboard. This is easy to process and very cheap or can be recycled from old cardboard shipping packages. Since I only want to store small parts with low weight, this is not a problem for cardboard.

I marked the different parts of the box on a piece of cardboard and used a cutter to cut them out. A box consists of 2x short side, 2x long side and 1x bottom each with a thickness of 3mm.

In some previous tests, I realized that it would better than the corrugation goes from top to bottom than from left to right. It is stabler to vertical force.

In the same way, I created all parts for the other 5 boxes.