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Storage Boxes Made Out of Cardboard and 3D Printed Parts (Update 2019-08-05)


Step 6: Additional Components

Additional Components

In the Design step I showed you two other parts of the box. CBoxConnect and CBoxLabel.

At the moment I don't need them, because everything will be stored in a drawer.

But maybe I will use the boxes in another context in the future. And there it will be useful to have these two additional components.


Can be used to stack the boxes and protect them against slipping.

A simple clip that can be put on the edges of the boxes but also glued onto. The arrow indicates the direction of this part, because one side of the clip (top, arrow up) is slightly wider to facilitate stacking.


To know what is inside a box, a label holder can be glued to x sides. A small piece of paper can be slid in from the top.