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Storage Boxes Made Out of Cardboard and 3D Printed Parts (Update 2019-08-05)


Step 9: CBox Version 2 With Plexiglass

Picture of CBox Version 2 With Plexiglass

CBox Version 2 with Plexiglass

For 3 months the boxes are almost daily in use.
They are loaded with

  • light objects that I need in the office ( pens, staples, etc.)
  • electronic components they cannot be stored in the dusty workshop environment.

So far, I'm satisfied and can not complain. However, one box has already broken and has to be glued again. Many light objects can become heavy quickly. :)

In this situation Cardboard pushes to its limits.

That's why I created a version with uses Plexiglass instead of Cardboard.

There are some changes regarding the cardboard version.


  • The dimension of the gap has been extended from 3mm to 3.4mm (one Nozzle width). The Plexiglass (I used 3mm) fits better and there is more room for the glue.
  • I added (Thanks to user DeadlyDad) a dovetail slot into the gluing surfaces. The glue will flow inside this slot and create a mechanical lock for even more stability. In the gap I used a slot with 1mm depth and on the surface where the bottom will be placed a slot with 2mm depth.

3D Printing

  • These slots are very small therefore I changed the layer height for 3D printing to 0.2mm layer height.

Tools, Materials and Software

  • Because I'm working with Plexiglass, I used Plexiglass Acrifix the glue everything together.


Here you can see the result: