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Step 2: Design

Picture of Design

I created these designs using Tinkercad and I started with the basic size and shape of the earring. I ended up with a 26mm cylinder with a cutout of 22.5mm and a thickness of 1.30mm (about 6 layers)

Next, I needed to create the cutouts where the strings would loop around. I made cylinders that were 1.52mm in diameter. I knew I wanted them in increments of 3 in order to get the pattern I wanted, but I found it was easier to evenly place them in even numbers, so I started with just two and put them evenly spaced up and down. I grouped these 2 cylinders are together.

Now that I had two, I could copy and evenly rotate them.

Once I had 6, I had my increment of 3, so I grouped these 6 together and copied and rotated them until I had as many holes as would reasonably fit around the circle.

Center everything to make sure everything is evenly spaced.

Group them to cut out. Once I cut them out, I knew I wanted a space on the top for the loop so I rotated it so I had a space between holes on top.

Now with my space on top, I created a loop for attaching the earring. I used a cylinder that was 2.40mm in diamter with a cutout that was 1.52mm in diameter.

Group it and you'll have your earring.

I repeated this process for the necklace but since it was much larger, I had many more cutouts going around.

Dimensions for the pendant include: 38.50mm cylinder with a 35.00mm cutout and is 1.3mm thick.

Small cirlce cutouts at 1.52mm.

2.40mm diameter loop with a 1.52mm cutout.