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Picture of Sugar Shack

Building my own sugar shack has always been a childhood dream!

Being a father who works full time, 3 seasons have passed between the design and the final construction ... A major work yes, but I am very proud of the result ! I have attached all the necessary documents (3D model, 2D drawings, photos) and I encourage you all to embark on the adventure of making your own maple syrup. Of course, if you have maple trees in your surroundings ;-p

Step 1: 3D Design & Material

Picture of 3D Design & Material

When embarking on a construction of this kind, it's better to make a complete design of the project to build.

Several advantages:

- unforeseen events are almost eliminated during construction

- develop a complete list of required materials

- saves costs by maximizing design with standard materials

- allows the development of the required subassemblies, etc ....

I used Autodesk Inventor as a design software ... I've enclosed drawings and final 3D within this instructable. You will also find the list of required materials on the last page of the 2D drawing.

All the wood used for the outside comes from wood crate ...this wood destined to junk will be entitled to a new life!

PaulChau3 months ago
Beautiful finish! I don’t have maple trees around the vicinity of my home so I reckon this gem could be a great hideout too. The kids would love to have a space of their own away from the main house too. This beats a treehouse, anytime!
rafununu4 months ago
Ma cabane au Canada, tapie au fond des bois, y'a des écureuils sur le toit....
Beautiful sugar shack, thanks for the tutorial.

sconnors4 months ago
Wow! This is way better-constructed sugar shack than any I've seen. I think you took more pains than you needed too, but you enjoyed doing it. Lots of air leaks are an advantage as you will find out.
You could probably build a better stove for boiling. You want a pan with as much surface area as you can muster both for surface to evaporate from and surface exposed to the fire. Your stove is designed to heat the room.
To keep your chimney from rusting away, just take it down and store it inside. You only need it up for a couple months a year.
Simon_Cloutier (author)  sconnors4 months ago
Thank you ... and I all agree with you about your comment ! I'm looking foward to change my stove and replace it by a real evaporator ... Alway's place for improvement !
I want one too! Maybe one high up in a tree.
This is a great looking little sugar shack :)

How has the season been going for you so far? How much sap are you able to cook on that stove at a time?
Simon_Cloutier (author)  Penolopy Bulnick5 months ago
Thank you for the comment !
I'm still collecting the Sap this week and next week before boiling it. Hope I will get around 150 liters. I should be able to boiled it in one day with my little setup ! A fire that will last for around 15 hours!
I should end up with about 4 liters of maple sirup ! Not much I know. ... but a lot of fun !
rene15026 months ago
I am Dutch and have no idea what a sugar shack is. Could someone explain please?
OMG!! Really?? Maple syrup water?? Running down a tree? And that lady has some in her front and back yard?? Im just going lose my mind! I love maple syrup!! Oh this would give tree hugging a whole new meaning, there must be kids everywhere lined up under the trees.
Um so where exactly is this place?
Simon_Cloutier (author)  Hinearoha5 months ago
Hi ! There's maple trees a lot in Canada and in the North of the USA. But here in the Province of Québec in Canada, we produce 70% of the maple sirup around the world !
malijai rene15026 months ago
It is a place where in Québec, at the begin of the spring when it is still freezing during the night but not during the day, the maple sap begin to goes up and down in the trees. People made some holes in the trees to gather the water which is a little bit sweet. When there is enought maple water they boil it in a sugar shack until it become a sirup: maple sirup :
rene1502 malijai6 months ago
Thanks for the info!
carir malijai6 months ago
Not just in Quebec, but also other areas where sugar maples (preferably) grow and temperatures dip below freezing. I live in Minnesota and gather the liquid and make my own syrup.
Simon_Cloutier (author)  carir6 months ago
Glad To hear that ... in my opinion ... its the best sugar ! Why not use every maple tree possible !
I live the middle of town and I have a total of two.
Simon_Cloutier (author)  rene15026 months ago
Hi René, a sugar shack is a place use to make maple sirup ... (where the maple water's boiled to obtain maple sirup)
Best regards
Thanks! I really had no idea!
CharlieB23235 months ago
Also where did you by the chimney material from?
Simon_Cloutier (author)  CharlieB23235 months ago
From a local renovation center (Quebec) : Patrick Morin :
CharlieB23235 months ago
Is that black chimney pope holding up for you? I heard it if for interior use. I’ve been debating on using it because it is cheaper than stainless steal, but people say it rusts. How much did it cost you for The Who chimney setup? Thanks!
Simon_Cloutier (author)  CharlieB23235 months ago
Hi, I had the same question and worries in fact... yes, black chimney's supposed to be for interior use ... and yes, it will probably rust ... but as-off right now (2 month later), no rust happen yet ! To answer your question, it cost me around 180$/can for everthing ... way under the price of a real 2 wall stainless steel chimney ... I took the guess and I'm still happy with my decision ... In my opinion, it really depend on the type of construction you're doing ... if it's like a shack ... I found sad to put the same amount of me for the chinmey and the whole project itself ...
CharlieB23236 months ago
How much did this cost in total?
Simon_Cloutier (author)  CharlieB23236 months ago
Metal roofing with the wood for the structure cost me 1250$ ... If I add the door, windows, chimney and fasteners ... I came up with a total cost around 2200$/can ...
CharlieB23236 months ago
Could you use the smaller pallet slats to side this shack?
Simon_Cloutier (author)  CharlieB23236 months ago
Why not ! even more recycling ...
LynneDe6 months ago
Awesome shack, thank you. My son mentioned to me two days ago, let the neighbor know that next year, he won't be tapping your trees, Mom. He's planning to do it. We have about 8 maples in the front, more on the side and in the back, so we have plenty from which to draw upon. We live next to a sugar maple stand as well and they have a higher tech setup, but they've also been using our trees out back...well, we'll see how long that continues too. In the meantime, great setup. I've sent the link to my son, we'll see what happens. I can just taste that rich dark sweet syrup now....yum! Blessings!
Simon_Cloutier (author)  LynneDe6 months ago
I appreciate your comment thank you ! and I agree with your son ... dont let your neighbors take that gorgeous sugar out of your trees ;-p ... take advantage of it instead !
While we don't often get the 'fruit' of those trees, our neighbor's grandfather does plow the end of our driveway, where the town trucks bury us. As I am a senior, and my husband and I disabled, that's a huge help, so it's been kind of a 'thank you' to the whole family.

On the other hand, my son has been working on my lawn and garden tractor to fabricate a snow blower from old parts, and he says I won't need our neighbor's help for that in the future as we've done in the past, but regardless, since we aren't able to tap the trees, at least someone has had the blessing from them. :) Blessings to you on your tapping also.
thu5df6 months ago
cool but a bit stupid
thu5df thu5df6 months ago
temper6 months ago
It is fairly obvious that you live in a country where timber (I suppose that's your lumber) is extremely cheap.
carir6 months ago
Great design and finished product. I can see why it took so long. Lucky one of my maple trees is 50 feet and the other 55 feet in a different direction from my walkout basement, so I can just walk there every day. If I knew what to do with all the snow in the way, I would be happy.
Simon_Cloutier (author)  carir6 months ago
Thanks for your comment. ... maybe the best way to deal with snow is to walk there with snowshoes... have fun !!
Sure, I'm 5 feel tall and 72 and the snow is right now about 4 feet, if I trip, they will find me in April. lol
chevalrouge6 months ago
I love your plans but when I try to download them I get a message saying "Sorry, we couldn't find that one." Do you know what is happening with the download?
Simon_Cloutier (author)  chevalrouge6 months ago
Thank you for your comment !
The administrators of the site are aware of the situation and said that the issue should be fixed soon. ... sorry
orditronix6 months ago
Bonjours Simon,
J'adore ta cabane à sucre, je suis québecois des laurentides, mais je demeure maintenant au NB. J'espère que tes prochaines récoltes serons bonnes.
Simon_Cloutier (author)  orditronix6 months ago
Bonjour ! Merci pour le commentaire et ça fait plaisir de parler en Francais ! :-D
Okhotnik6 months ago
Interested to look more into this project, but the "download" link is broken.
Simon_Cloutier (author)  Okhotnik6 months ago
Regarding the broken link ... do you have a premium account ? I know you need this to download PDF ... If yes, I dont know why this happen ...
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