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Picture of Summer Harvest Baking With Kids

Ever wish you could come up with a summer activity for your kiddos that you could feel good about because it not only teaches them something new but saves you some time too? How about picking some perfectly ripe fruit, teaching your kids a bit about baking, and then miraculously having your family's dessert for the week made in the process?

Whether you have just a few hours or the whole day, scoping out some fresh summer produce and turning it into a dreamy dessert is a great way to spend quality time with your kids in the summer. And depending on their age and ability level, your kids might just discover a real passion for working in the kitchen and for some new foods...and you just might gain a new sous-chef in the process.

This project walks you through the ins and outs of harvesting and baking with kids through the lens of an afternoon spent making a peach pie. And once your kids master this made-from-scratch recipe, you can use this same strategy again and again for each newly ripe summer treasure.

Step 1: Find Fresh Seasonal Produce

Picture of Find Fresh Seasonal Produce

If you don't already know what's in season or what you can find freshly picked near you, take advantage of the pick-your-own portal HERE that will tell you where you can fresh produce near you.

There are four main ways to get fresh produce:

  • Grow your own (We like to grow a couple easy items ourselves - like blackberries and rhubarb - and the kids learn a ton watching the process of the food grow.)
  • Pick your own (It's always fun to find a local orchard or berry patch to go picking at...but make sure to go before it gets too hot and always wear shoes that can get muddy.)
  • Farmer's market (Usually produce found here has been harvested locally and somehow always seems to be higher quality than anything you get at the grocery store.)
  • Grocery store (This is the fastest and easiest, but rarely the yummiest.)

We started our summer at a strawberry patch and turned out picking efforts into strawberry shortcake. Then we harvested our own blackberries and made jam before making this peach pie. And we are already looking forward to apple crisp once summer comes to a close...

Lots of fun and learning happens when kids are in the kitchen! Thanks for sharing this super summer family activity and including so many great resources. :)
lainealison (author)  WeTeachThemSTEM1 month ago
Of course! My kids love being a part of our meal prep and I wanted to try to pass along a way for other people to get the same happiness from this that we do!