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Picture of TP Tube Marble Run

This simple Marble Run is made using everyday trash (2 toilet paper tubes) and 3D printed connectors. That's it!! Since my kids randomly collect TP tubes (for crafts and art) and I've wanted to try 3D printing something that connects or interacts with everyday objects around the house, this was the perfect solution. Also, every marble run I found for 3D printing on thingiverse was either tiny (for small marbles or ball bearings) or took hours and hours to print!

I've included access to all the design files so this can easily be remixed for different combinations and configurations! Let's see what you can come up with to remix this!

Step 1: Designing the Connectors

Picture of Designing the Connectors

I designed all the pieces in Tinkercad. I created them to be as minimal as possible to reduce printing time and cost. You can access the designs below to see how they are made.

Tinkercad Designs: