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Picture of Table Saw Dust Collector

If you are lucky, then you have your own woodworking shop to fuss around in. If not, then you have your garage that your car is normally parked in. And it's attached to your house. And you drag in all sorts of wood chips and dust on your feet. My table saw makes the most mess by far so I attempted to tame the beast.

Also you can check out my instructable on how the wheel base is made.

Step 1: What You Need

  1. Plenty of scrap wood you want to use up
  2. A drill
  3. Wood screws
  4. Your table saw or some other thing to cut with
  5. Measuring devices/straight edges
  6. A vacuum or dust collector
Were can I find the plans for the collapsable wheel arrangement?
dlewisa (author)  jaysmithnotjohnsmith4 months ago
dlewisa (author)  jaysmithnotjohnsmith4 months ago
I didn't make an instructable for that. You can google it. It's out there. I found this one on a quick search:
I will say that if you want cheap casters that you should buy the small moving dolley at harbor freight. You can't buy four heavy duty casters cheaper anywhere.
hoozdman4 months ago
great work
do you also have an instructable about your mobile part of your table saw?
dlewisa (author)  hoozdman4 months ago
You're the second person to ask. Maybe I'll whip up a new instructable in the next few days.
hoozdman dlewisa4 months ago
sorry mate, i didnt see the previous comment.
dlewisa (author) 4 months ago
Not with that 2 to 2.5" shopvac hose. I don't think I have any kind of blade that would make pieces big enough to clog it. The only issue might be small cut off end pieces falling in by the blade. A zero clearance insert would stop that though.
webman38024 months ago
Do you have any problems with larger chips and pieces clogging the hose? The pieces that inevitably fall through the slot. I wonder if a layer of hardware cloth or chicken wire might help catch those pieces while allowing the dust to pass through?