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Meet TailLike!!

TailLike is an indicator that allows you to give a wave to cars behind you even at night. I find that during the long winters it's more difficult to give feedback to other drivers. Here's how to wave in any conditions!

---know that I've looked forward to making this instructable since I made a first model in 2015. There are a few photos mixed in from my current version and earlier prototypes. If you enjoy driving and find value I hope you'll try your hand at one!

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Picture of Materials & Tools


  • Coffee Can - ideally with a reflective inside finish and a transparent lid.
  • Wire (8-10') - low voltage wire rated for at least 12v. Ideally with two colors to track positive and negative.
  • 12v Outlet - buy new or cut up any old electronic. Ideally with a fuse and indicator light
  • Xmas Lights - any used incandescent or led works fine. --great if you can use the fused end
  • Switch - 2-pole rocker switch
  • Old Container - for switch housing (see steps 4+5)
  • Optional Film - any hobby store has translucent paper or tape. technically this is required to be street legal. you can't have any rear facing white lights. ---could also use red or blue xmas lights


----most of the materials are items i've salvaged over the years. I post a few links below but expect that most people who tinker with electronics already have these components. You can also easily get them from taking apart a few items from dollartree or goodwill.

TedA238 months ago

I want to recomend you to re-tin your soldering-tip.
How do you clean the tip when soldering?

If you have any questions, i will gladly help with you!

Best regards
jprussack (author)  TedA238 months ago
Thanks! I simply wipe it on a scrap piece of 2x4... what should I be doing?
TedA23 jprussack8 months ago
Follow the pictures in this order from start to you get the hang of it.

The white grindstone is really dangerous IF it brakes into dust and inhale! Contains high amount of Ammonium Chloride!! Use with care.

The Tip Activator, hazardous to inhail!
jprussack (author)  TedA238 months ago
Very thorough - thank you!
TedA23 jprussack8 months ago
Evening! (atleast here in Sweden).

At the moment i'm alone with my kids, and my wife is at work. When she is back home again, i can go down to the garage and power up my work bench and make a few pictures with instructions when it comes to clean and take care of the soldering tip and so on.
TedA23 TedA238 months ago
Back again.

Starting off with some tips when it comes to soldering two different sizes of cabel.

1) Never twin the copper strings on each cabel before joining them.

2) Make sure the two cabels are the same lenght (read the naked copper strings).

3) Join them, then twin them from only one side while the other side stay put between the fingertips.

4) Add soldering paste (pure flux) with the tip of the soldering iron. This will make the tin soldering wire to get a better grip around the copper strings, and you will use much less soldering wire.

5) Last step will be to use shrinktube, so the soldering part of the two cabels are secure and water proof.
Kink Jarfold8 months ago
This has just been added to my to-do list. Excellent idea and very well done as an Instructable. --Kink--
jprussack (author)  Kink Jarfold8 months ago
Thank you! Appreciate the support! Would enjoy knowing how you find it.