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Step 13: The Chatterbox - Part 1

Picture of The Chatterbox - Part 1


The Chatterbox is based on an Elegoo Uno R3 microcontroller (Arduino compatible) and a Velleman KA02 Audio Shield. Fourteen short audio clips are stored in the KA02, each being the number and name of one of the wash programmes. When one of fourteen inputs to the Uno R3 is triggered, the related audio clip is selected and played through a speaker.

As this was my very first microcontroller project I purchased a starter kit containing an Elegoo Uno R3 along with a comprehensive selection of sensors, actuators, components and interconnections. This included a set of 'Dupont' wires featuring sockets and pins to connect to PCB pins and sockets - these proved to be very useful in making the interconnection loom and speaker wires: Elegoo UNO R3 Starter Kit.


Elegoo Uno R3 microcontroller (Arduino compatible).

Velleman KA02 Audio Shield for Arduino.

Plastic enclosure 90mm x 50mm x 160mm.

8 Ohm loudspeaker (2" diameter).

9V battery clip.

Interface board constructed in previous step.

Latching on/off button.

White Plasticard.

Dense foam rubber (sourced from various items of packaging).