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Step 20: Final Thoughts...

SOAP being Lab tested.jpg
Milly Posing.jpg

SOAP has been in use for almost a year with no sign of the battery dying. As SOAP is only powered up for a few minutes each day, the battery should last a good while yet.

The system has proved to be reliable and has helped Sue to retain her independence, an important consideration for any blind person. Watch the video to see her using SOAP.

SOAP has been thoroughly 'Lab' tested by Guide Dog Milly, a pure black Labrador - see attached photos. Milly would be known as a Seeing Eye Dog in the USA.

I would love to see other Instructables describing novel devices for the visually impaired, maybe using elements of this project.

All of the diagrams in this Instructable were created using AutoCAD 2019 LT.

This was my entry in the Arduino contest - and it won the Grand Prize! Many thanks to everyone that kindly decided to Vote for SOAP!