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Step 5: The Sensor - Overview and Materials

Picture of The Sensor - Overview and Materials

Sensor Overview

The core of the sensor is constructed from two pieces of stripboard - the Ring Board and the Support Board. These are joined together electrically and mechanically at the correct angle to position and fix the LDRs in close proximity to the washing machine LEDs.

The overall design of the sensor is shown in the diagram.


Stripboard: 95mm wide x 220mm long (strips running along the length)

14 off Light Dependent Resistors (LDRs) type 5537

1 off A4 black 1.5mm Plasticard

1 off 16 Way, 2 Row, Right Angle PCB Header

A4 Double-Sided adhesive film sheets

3 tubular plastic cotton bud stems.

Black, dense foam rubber: 95mm wide x 5.5mm thickness. I sourced this from a discarded mouse mat.